Qi Gong & Qi Fit

Session Duration:  60 mins
Group classes and One-on-One sessions available.

Qi Gong could be thought of as ‘working with qi for merit’ and in ancient China is considered “Internal Exercise”.

Qi Gong assists with cultivating your mind, body & spirit. Qi Gong exercise is an excellent way to bring the health of mindful awareness into areas where your conscious awareness is lacking.

Qi Gong helps to regulate the posture, breath & mind & can offer transformational effects.

Main functions of Qi Gong:

  • Strengthening the physical body
  • Increases mindfulness & consciousness
  • Maintains longevity & youthful mind/body
  • Can assist with building immunity

Qi translates to “subtle breath” & gong translates to “skill cultivated through steady practice”.

It combines gentle movement, mind regulation & deep breathing to optimise energy in the body, mind & spirit.

The primary aim of Qi Gong is to reduce stress & building stamina, enhance immune function & increase vitality.

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